Our History


The People’s Justice Project, during the ‘hot phase’ of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2014 when African (black) people were engaged in spontaneous revolt over the countless assassinations of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, John Crawford, and Tamir Rice, created favorable conditions to accelerate the dynamics of political life for the African (black) working class. In analyzing the national conditions which gave birth to Black Lives Matter, the People’s Justice Project reinforced and insisted on building an organization to house the energy of the African masses in Ohio in a revolutionary trajectory. People’s Justice Project became a mass or popular political organization seeking to answer the ideological, philosophical and class question from the black revolution of the 60s. PJP is a political organization, that organizes the Black working class and other oppressed people leading the struggle against all state institutions that oppress or occupy our communities, whose survival has been assured time and again by linking our struggle to the struggle of the African working class and all oppressed people.



Aramis Sundiata is the founder and Executive Director of PJP. With almost a decade’s experience of building organizations, grassroots organizing, and leading large-scale campaigns, Aramis brings a deep understanding of global social movements and has unique outlook how to build power in Ohio.

Lead Organizer Tammy Fornier-Alsaada has made a lifelong commitment to criminal justice reforms and has been an active member of the PJP team since 2015. Tammy’s personal mission is to be a voice for her community by advocating for criminal justice accountability and issues important to community members and their families. She has played meaningful roles on various oversight and selection committees. Tammy’s work is rooted in restorative practices, real relationship, and is grounding force for PJP. She has worked on various county advisory boards and task forces as well The Ohio State University’s Youth Violence Prevention Advisory board and Community safety Institute. Tammy also received the 2017 YWCA Women of Achievement award and has published several books.






Tonnisha J. English-Amamoo is our Communications Director and Founder & Chief Officer of TJE Communications; 

a boutique digital marketing agency helping small business level the playing field through digital marketing solutions.

With nearly 10 years of experience, Tonnisha has a passion for email marketing and uses social media and content development to help her clients grow their digital presence. 
Tonnisha currently sits on the Board of the Tri-Village Chamber (Marketing Chair) and the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Columbus and is a member of the Education Committee at Groundwork Group.